Clay Classes, Workshops, & Community Studio



If you’ve worked in clay and are looking for a studio to continue your practice at your own pace consider joining our group of emerging studio ceramicists at Petaluma Pottery! There is currently a waiting list but we’d love to send you information, email
Details, logistics, and perks below.


3 Month Commitment: $145 per month
($145 security deposit)
6 Month Commitment: $135 per month
Annual savings of $120 ($135 security deposit)
12 Month Commitment: $125 per month
Annual Savings of $240 ($125 security deposit)
Open Studio Monitor Membership: $110 per month
Annual savings of $35 per month / $420 a year (3 month commitment, $110 deposit)
More info about monitoring available upon request.

Our studio membership is typically contingent upon an in-person interview with Forrest Middelton and will only be offered to previous students of Petaluma Pottery or those able to show proof of previous instruction in clay. In our interview process you will be asked about your level of understanding of being part of a community studio as it relates to cleanliness, communication, studio flow and organization, entering and locking up the studio, equipment operation, and your ability to use the studio safely without supervision. Don’t stress… we just need to make sure our studio is a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for our studio! Interested? Send an email to and mention “studio membership” in the subject line.

Members are allowed to work anytime between 8:00 am - 10:00 pm, 7 days a week with the exception of when special events are taking place. You can always find our current list of courses and events on our calendar at and we will always try to schedule events at least 1-2 weeks in advance so you can appropriately plan your time.

Access to firings! In addition to a beautiful studio with great equipment your membership comes with access to our electric kilns, and gas firings on special occasions.

Petaluma Pottery will host an open house 1-2 times a year. Our open house typically includes some sort of community activity + sale which members are invited to volunteer at and/or sell their work.

Petaluma Pottery will host ongoing membership days where members can come in alongside Forrest and have demos, talk about new glazes, materials, techniques, etc. you might be interested in bringing to the studio.

Members receive 10% off classes and workshops.

You must clean up after yourself, if you fail to clean up after yourself you will lose your studio privileges and your deposit will not be returned. This includes your personal space, community spaces you’ve used, if you’ve spilled anything on the floor, etc. etc.

While our membership offers a robust community, there is no formal instruction for members, make sure you are working within your own skill set and knowledge base and save questions for teachers, or membership days.

You may not bring in outside clays, slips, or glazes without our approval and sign off! This is extremely important! This ensures the life of our equipment, and that all of our materials are being fired correctly and are cohesive with each other and that there is no cross contamination. As with classes, the cost of clay includes the cost of glaze materials associated with it as well as the cost to fire your work.

While it is fine for members to bring a friend or family member by for a quick visit to see what you are working on or give a little tour it is not okay to bring in outside help, workers, friends, children, etc. to work on either your projects with you or their own projects. You may not teach private lessons in our studio.

Familiarize yourself with the studio, do not use equipment you have not been trained on. Make sure your completed work goes on the correct shelf for firing and that any work that is not complete is properly labeled and stored.

Members will receive a shelf space with a cubby for storage. There are also two shared members shelves. Anything that exceeds these areas must be taken with you upon each visit.

Be respectful of your fellow studio members and students. Unless otherwise agreed upon take phone calls outside, listen to music with headphones, etc. Reports of disrespectful conduct may result in the termination of your open studio and class participation.